Malay vegetable salad recipe

Malay vegetable salad
Malay vegetable salad

For salad
Boiled green beans                             100 grams
Cucumber (slices)                             1
Boiled eggs                                 2
Tomatoes (slices)                             2
Onion (slices)                                 1
Lettuce leaves                             2-3
Finely chopped green chilies                     3-4
Oil                                         2 tbsp
For sauce
Roasted and crushed peanuts                 ½ cup
Whole red chilies                             3-4
Brown sugar                                 2 tbsp
Tamarind paste                              ½ cup
Salt                                         to taste

For sauce : Take a blender jug add ½ cup of tamarind paste, 3-4 whole red chilies, 2 tbsp of brown sugar ,then add to taste salt blend it. Now cook 3-4 minutes then take it out and set aside let it cool down. For Salad: first boil the 100 grams of green beans. Take a cooking pan add 1-2 tbsp of, heat the oil add 100 grams of boiled green beans and 2 boiled eggs slightly fry. Now take a mixing bowl add 1 cucumber (sliced), 2tomatoes (sliced), 1 onion(sliced), 2-3 lettuce leaves, 3-4 finely chopped green chilies, and add boiled green beans and boiled eggs. Now pout the sauce on the top of it. mix it well and serve it.

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