Snow White Dessert recipe

Snow White Dessert recipe

snow white dessert recipe
snow white dessert recipe

Corn Flour 2tbsp
Milk 1 litre
Pineapple  Jelly 1 packet
Pineapple 1 tin
Sabudana  ½ cup
Sugar   1 cup
Vanilla Essence1 tsp
Bananas  4
Cream 1cup
Walnuts100 gms
Water 1 Glass

•    In a bowl add sagodana , water and cook.
•    When they are tenders and cook milk.
•    Then add sagodana and cook.
•    After this, add sugar .
•    When dissolve sugar  add cornflour dissolve in water .
•    Mixture are thick, removes from the stove.
•    Add cream,pineapple, bananas and vanilla essence.
•    Now cook jelly and cut into pieces.
•    In a mixture pour jelly .
•    Sprinkle walnuts and serve.

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