WHITE MUTTON KARAHI by Zubaida Tariq in Handi

Mutton            ½ kg
Yogurt                1 cup
Green chilies (chopped)    4
Almond (boiled and crushed)    12
Oil                1 cup
Fresh Milk            ½ cup
Fresh Cream            ½ cup
White pepper            1 tsp
Ginger paste            1 tbsp
Poppy seeds (crushed)    2 tbsp
Salt                to taste

Take ½ kg mutton, 1 tbsp ginger paste and salt. Took it till the water dries then add in 2 tbsp poppy seeds, 1 cup oil, 12 boiled and crushed almonds and 1 tsp white pepper. Cook it for some time. When the oil separates then add in ½ cup fresh milk and ½ cup fresh cream. Cook it and simmer. Garnish it with 4 chopped green chilies and serve it with nan.

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